Retail Park Almere Poort

Retail Park Almere Poort will become an inspiring place for people to shop and recreate. This 38,000 sqm retail park will combine retail (33,000 sqm) restaurants and leisure (5,000 sqm).

It is located directly along the A6 highway. Because of its location, size and function, the retail park will have a catchment area that reaches beyond Almere.

Background information

Almere Poort is now an undeveloped site of 80 ha. For this site Mecanoo architects have created a master plan. This master plan includes development of approximately 11,000 houses, 700,000 sqm offices, social - and commercial facilities and large-scale green areas. TCN will develop an area of 59,100 sqm in Olympiakwartier Oost together with partner Dura Vermeer Vastgoed.


The catchment area for Retail Park Almere Poort includes Almere, Flevoland, ‘t Gooi, part of Amersfoort and possibly Amsterdam Zuidoost. This catchment area outside Almere, combined with the expected amount of residents in Almere Poort will create enough market space for a retail park. There is no large scale retail with this mix of functions in the area yet.

Target audience

The retail park will target convenience shoppers from Almere but is also expected to attract many visitors from outside the city.


Retail Park Almere Poort is located directly along the A6 highway and therefore has a high visibility. It’s easily accessible by car or public transportation. The retail park has excellent parking facilities, both ground level and in parking garage.


  • Partner: Dura Vermeer Vastgoed
  • Architect: Nio Architecten
  • Consulting firms: IMD raadgevende ingenieurs B.V. and technisch adviesbureau Maat B.V.
  • Legal advice: Stijl advocaten (Michiel van Driel)
  • Construction: Dura Vermeer Bouw Hengelo

Retail Park Almere Poort
Main function
Retail Park
Atoomweg 50, Postbus 2847
3500 GV Utrecht
The Netherlands
Phone number
+31 30 230 93 00

Facts & figures

TCN and Dura Vermeer Vastgoed

Start construction
End 2012

Nio Architecten


38,000 sqm (total)
Retail: 33,000 sqm
Leisure and restaurants: 5,000 sqm

Parking spaces: 1350 (total)
600 ground level
750 parking garage