Our track record

Many projects to be proud of

TCN has a history of creating surprising places. Over the years we’ve redeveloped over 1 million sqm real estate in Europe and transformed many existing buildings and areas.

Have a look at our sales track record to see some of the things we’ve done over the past two decades.


Project name

Aachen Arkaden / Germany

Aachen Arkaden

Retail park with 27,000 sqm retail, restaurants and business space.

A-Factorij / The Netherlands


Transformation of an old energy plant in Groningen into state-of-the-art office, meeting and convention space.

Expo Center Hengelo / The Netherlands

Expo Center Hengelo

Development of exhibition and events center of 10,000 sqm and 1,200 parking spaces in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

Head office bol.com, Utrecht / The Netherlands

Head office bol.com, Utrecht

Transformation of former Nuon head office into open, home-like working environment.

Health Park Zwolle / The Netherlands

Health Park Zwolle

Redevelopment of a college building into an avant-garde health park, with 15,000 sqm health care related and other services.

Home Trade Center / The Netherlands

Home Trade Center

TCN’s first transformation project. In 1992, TCN developed a new purpose for a vacant almost 35,000 sqm wholesale building.

Mediacentrale / The Netherlands


Transformation of an old energy plant in Groningen into state-of-the-art office, meeting and convention space.

Plein Westermaat, phase 2 / The Netherlands

Plein Westermaat, phase 2

Large scale retail development with 21,500 sqm retail and restaurants.

Portimão Retail Park / Portugal

Portimão Retail Park

Green field development of retail park with over 23,000 sqm retail in Portugal.

Reitdiep Marina / The Netherlands

Reitdiep Marina

Newly built, wooden pier homes in bold colors, including a boardwalk, slips for private boats, and a harbor square.

Retail Park Aveiro / Portugal

Retail Park Aveiro

Redevelopment of retail park with over 23,000 sqm retail and restaurants into one of the best performing shopping areas in the region.

Retail Park Roermond / The Netherlands

Retail Park Roermond

Development of retail park with 32,000 sqm retail, 3,000 sqm leisure and 500 sqm fast food restaurants.

ROC of Amsterdam / The Netherlands

ROC of Amsterdam

Development of community college with 35,000 sqm educational and other facilities.

Sports Business Center / The Netherlands

Sports Business Center

Transformation of vacant building into the buyers and information center for the Dutch sports (fashion) sector. With more than 400 brands presenting their collections on 22,500 sqm trade mart.

The Globe / The Netherlands

The Globe

Transformation of 56,000 sqm former mail distribution center into Outdoor & Travel Center, including diving pool, rock and ice climbing wall.

The Village / The Netherlands

The Village

Development of a multi-brand fashion store and in-house lounge style restaurant.

The Food Spot / The Netherlands

The Food Spot

Development of 4,500 sqm food spot with food court, multiple restaurants and additional services. The project comprises three levels with a food court on the ground floor and 185 parking spaces.

World Forum Hotel / The Netherlands

World Forum Hotel

Redevelopment of hotel in the center of the judicial quarter of The Hague.