World Forum conference center

Exhibition center and event venue

The combination of a multifunctional auditorium/theater and various break-out areas make the World Forum the perfect venue for every type of event.

This exhibition center and event venue is based in The Hague World Forum, the city’s international zone. The building can accommodate events for up to 5000 visitors at a time. The World Forum in The Hague is where extremes meet: international conferences and national events, entertainment and business-to-business, culture and politics - all in dynamic and challenging surroundings.


The original building was designed in the sixties by the architect J.J. Oud. TCN bought the conference center in 2002 on the basis of a master plan program: "The Hague World Forum '. Key element of this master plan was the total transformation of the area around the World Forum. The conference center was renamed 'World Forum' and repositioned in the (inter) national market. As a result, the World Forum received numerous awards and qualifications for their quality of service. The World Forum also hosted many high quality events. Highlight was the Afghanistan Conference, organized in March 2009.

In 2006, TCN launched the so-called 'Extreme Makeover' program. This program included the renovation and refurbishment of the venue facilities. In 2008 the development of a new parking garage of 540 was finalized. Furthermore, TCN together with the City of The Hague and the Government Building Agency are the driving force in the development of the landscape and infrastructure in the area of The Hague World Forum.

World Forum management

World Forum is responsible for the general and technical management.

World Forum
Main function
Mixed use
Churchillplein 10
2517 JW The Hague
The Netherlands
Phone number
+31 (0) 70 306 63 66

Facts & figures

Purchase Date
1 January 2002

Investment Date
2002 – 2011

30,000 sqm
800 parking places

Investment value
Estimated € 50 million

Development: municipality of The Hague, Dutch Government Building Department
Parking development partner: Provast
Mecanoo architects, Delft

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