Core values

Considerate, reliable, creative

The core values are the foundation of our company. They determine how we deal with our customers, employees, relationships and society to which we belong.

TCN is a company that trains their people to be considerate of themselves and the way they work. We are considerate of the impact that our projects have on their environment and are aware of our social roll.

TCN is a network of relationships based on reliability. We strive to be reliable in all aspects of our enterprise. We know what we promise and are aware of our abilities and limitations. We communicate frequently about a project’s progress to keep all parties updated on the latest developments. Our greatest asset is the reputation of our brand and we protect this to the fullest.


More than ever, the world is continuously changing and in need of different solutions. At TCN, we devote ourselves to come up with creative solutions – both internal as external. Our rule of thumb is to turn left when the world is turning right.