Working at TCN

TCN community

We believe a company is a community with a shared interest. In our company we have defined our shared interest as follows:

  • We believe we should create the conditions for a prosperous and fulfilling life
  • We want you to develop yourself and the company to the best of your abilities
  • We want to contribute to a better world

All our employees have to take responsibility to meet those shared interests. If our employees are doing well the company’s doing well.

Working with TCN means that you’re part of the TCN family. Together, we aim to create a company in which quality is more important than profit. TCN is a reliable and good employer and each member of the TCN family is important for the success of the company; this is reflected in our HR policy and employee benefits.

Our core values – reliable, considerate, creative – are reflected in the way we do business but also in the character of our employees.

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Freedom and responsibility

Taking responsibility for TCN means that you and only you are responsible for your actions, no excuses. There’s no boss you can blame for things going wrong. It’s up to you to perform according to your tasks and responsibilities and to signal when conditions or actions by others or the teams you’re part of limit your ability to do so. It’s also a commitment to yourself that you improve in what you do all the time.

Personal development also means that you’re entitled to make mistakes. Not making mistakes is impossible if you want to achieve something in life, whoever you are. The highest personal achievement is to be honest about that, first of all to yourself. The biggest mistake you can ever make is not learning from your mistakes. Searching for reasons beyond yourself is not very productive in that understanding. If there are outside reasons, it’s your responsibility to signal them on time. Communicating about it, sharing the issues involved and offering solutions jointly is the core of your own and the company’s well-being. TCN provides you with resources and time to develop and improve yourself.

This basic concept is part of the evolution towards a new form of work. There are no time clocks in the office, you don’t have to explain your whereabouts or the time spent on doing your duties. Only your real contribution counts. And we find it important that work is fun! Because you love to do your job and you can use your talents and develop them. You work with TCN because you are enterprising, creative, autonomic and a real entrepreneur. Being productive and developing yourself makes you feel good.

Our head office, the Atoomclub

We have offices in The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and the UK. Our head office is the ‘Atoomclub’, based in Utrecht in The Netherlands. This office reflects who we are and what we do. It’s an open office environment that we share with over twenty other companies. It’s a friendly environment that invites people to get to know each other, share interests and do business. And as you would expect from a company focused on redeveloping existing properties and areas, the Atoomclub is a redevelopment.

Learn more about the Atoomclub at (in Dutch).

Vacancies (Dutch)

Open application

If you feel you’d be a perfect match to our company, feel free to send in an open application.

You’re also welcome to send us an application if you’re looking for a graduation assignment or internship.

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