What we do

What we do - TCN, surprising places

Our developments meet the demands of our customers for functional, comfortable and safe environments. We favor sustainable real estate development by focusing on transforming or improving existing buildings and urban areas and by implementing a continuous process of improvement. We do concept development, realization and management.

TCN is a young and innovative property company with a distinctive corporate culture. We reposition and redevelop property into surprising places for people to work, meet, shop, trade and educate. Through intensive management, creativity and design we generate value for our tenants and our investors.

TCN has a history of creating surprising places. TCN’s first project was the Home Trade Center in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. In 1992 TCN redeveloped this newly built but vacant 30,000 sqm building into a wholesale center for the furniture industry including redesign, repositioning and expansion to 50,000 sqm. TCN still (co)owns and manages the center. This project, almost 20 years ago, taught us that in order to be successful, even in challenging times, it’s essential to understand the market’s needs and develop attractive, well managed environments that meet customer demands. We’ve worked according to this principle ever since.

Over the years TCN has redeveloped over 1 million sqm real estate in Europe and transformed many existing buildings and areas into comfortable, functional and safe environments. Our constant focus on current and future demand allows us, even in the current market, to invent, create and manage surprising places.

Our most recent success story is the Atoomclub. We transformed an unattractive seventies building in an undesirable area of Utrecht, into a thriving workspace offering affordable and flexible space to businesses and individuals alike. This vibrant working environment will provide the most effective business collaboration to all tenants, and responds to the changing trends in the work place.

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A few examples of surprising places TCN has created over the years:

Keulsekade, Utrecht

Vacant building transformed into multi tenant office with the “feel at home” concept.

Atoomclub, Utrecht

Vacant, ‘seventies’ office building transformed into multi-tenant office with focus on meeting and interaction.

Arnhems Buiten, Arnhem

Former estate transformed into business park: combination of monumental buildings and newly built offices in 55 hectares park.

Home Trade Center, Nieuwegein

A newly constructed but vacant building of 30.000 sqm was repositioned as a wholesale center for the furniture industry.