July 19, 2012

TCN sells Music Hall ZEP Middelburg


Earlier this week, TCN sold the Music Hall (2,800 sqm), part of project Zep in Middelburg, to Theater BV in Terneuzen. Theater BV, led by French Lievens, already manages several other theaters in the region. Lievens will also be responsible for managing the Music Hall. The Music Hall is a multipurpose events venue that can be used for concerts, but also for seminars, conferences and fairs. The venue can accommodate 2,000 to 2,500 people.

The hall is adjacent to one of the park’s the main attractions, Football Experience.

The Music Hall is part of Zep Middelburg, a leisure park of 20,000 sqm with attractions, shops, sports facilities and catering under a wide, undulating roof. In addition to the Music Hall the park includes attractions such as Mini Mundi (miniature park and indoor playground), Football Experience (National Football Museum), Glow Golf (indoor mini golf course) and Climbing Adventure Middelburg.

Zep Middelburg was developed by TCN and RECC. The parties jointly manage the park.

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