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Nov 19, 2012

Brandboxx Hannover in bankruptcy

On Monday, November 19, 2012, the Civil Court of Utrecht declared Brandboxx Ventures Hannover BV bankrupt. The Board of Brandboxx Ventures Hannover BV filed for bankruptcy in consultation with the administrators who were appointed to TCN UROP SE earlier this month, LLM J. Westerhof of Holland Van Gijzen Lawyers and Notaries and LLM A. van der Schee of Van Benthem & Keulen Lawyers & Notaries.

Nov 19, 2012

TCN Assets BV in suspension of payment

Earlier today, the Civil Court of Utrecht granted TCN Assets BV a suspension of payment. A number of entities that provided a negative result for the company were declared bankrupt. LLM J. Westerhof of Holland Van Gijzen Lawyers and Notaries and LLM A. van der Schee of Van Benthem & Keulen Lawyers & Notaries were appointed administrator. They were already appointed administrator to TCN UROP SE last month, after suspension of payment was granted to TCN UROP SE.

Nov 5, 2012

Brandboxx Almere in bankruptcy

On Friday, November 2, 2012, the Civil Court of Utrecht declared Brandboxx Almere BV bankrupt, after a short period of suspension of payment. The Board of Brandboxx Almere filed for bankruptcy in consultation with the administrators who were appointed last week.

Oct 30, 2012

TCN UROP SE and Brandboxx Almere in suspension of payment

Earlier today, the Civil Court of Utrecht granted TCN UROP SE and Brandboxx Almere BV a suspension of payment. Earlier this month, B&S Modecentrum Almere II C.V. filed for bankruptcy of both Brandboxx Almere BV and parent company TCN UROP SE, because of a dispute over the financial lease obligations of Brandboxx Almere BV for the project Brandboxx Almere.

Sep 5, 2012

Architecture students investigate transformation Arnhems Buiten

On 4th October 2012, twenty master students of the Faculty of Architecture will present their vision and design for a possible transformation of a number of buildings at business park Arnhems Buiten. After their presentation, a public debate about the future of these buildings will take place. The debate will include the students, Rudy Stroink (founder TCN) and Jo Coenen (architect and professor Transformation at the Technical University of Delft).

Sep 4, 2012

Wazzup to move to Energy Club Arnhems Buiten

Starting 1st October Wazzup will rent 350 sqm office space in the Energy Club at Arnhems Buiten. Last month, Green Spread already signed up for ten workplaces in the Energy Club. The Energy Club will officially open 5th October. Wazzup is a company that develops SaaS software for real estate agents. Wazzup consists of Venum (CRM for real estate agents) and Housenet (websites for real estate agents).


Aug 29, 2012

Arnhems Buiten, PROCOS and Draaijer + partners launch Greenhaus initiative


TCN Arnhems Buiten, PROCOS NL and Draaijer+partners launched the German-Dutch Greenhaus initiative. The Greenhaus provides an open working and meeting environment to Dutch and German Facility Management organizations. It wants to stimulate co-creation and cooperation between the Greenhaus parties, but also with other organizations at Arnhems Buiten. The Greenhaus will open its doors early 2013. It will start with 40 desks.

Aug 14, 2012

Municipality, Arnhems Buiten and IPKW to build on reputation Arnhem Energy City

The municipality of Arnhem and business parks Arnhems Buiten and IPKW will join forces in order to increase the visibility of Arnhem as an energy city outside the region and to attract new companies and institutions to the city. For this purpose they will use the slogan "Your business powered by energy Made in [Arnhem] '. Their first joint activity will be to promote Arnhem at the upcoming Energy trade fair.

Aug 10, 2012

TCN realizes a record volume of lease transactions


During the past year TCN managed to realize a record volume of lease transactions at the Media Park in Hilversum. In total Media Park Enterprise leased out 93,100 sqm – half of the total net floor space of 156,000 sqm. Most of these contracts were long term. Absolute peaks were deals with RTL Nederland for 20,000 sqm and DutchView for 27,000 sqm.
The last lease contract in this row was for RTL Wentink Events: they extended their lease for Studio 21 and connected office- and business space with three years. This contract concerns 5,700 sqm.

Jul 24, 2012

Green Spread InEnergie B.V. to lease ten desks in Energy Club Arnhem

Starting mid-September Green Spread InEnergie B.V. will lease ten desks (180 sqm) and ten parking privileges in the Energy Club at Arnhems Buiten.
Green Spread is an independent consultancy firm that gives organizations advise on how to reduce energy consumption and on development and exploitation of renewable energy. The organization provides financial and organizational expertise to governments, businesses and individuals.

Jul 19, 2012

TCN sells Music Hall ZEP Middelburg


Earlier this week, TCN sold the Music Hall (2,800 sqm), part of project Zep in Middelburg, to Theater BV in Terneuzen. Theater BV, led by French Lievens, already manages several other theaters in the region. Lievens will also be responsible for managing the Music Hall. The Music Hall is a multipurpose events venue that can be used for concerts, but also for seminars, conferences and fairs. The venue can accommodate 2,000 to 2,500 people.

Jul 19, 2012

Dekra, DNV KEMA and Energy Club install e-charging stations at Arnhems Buiten

e-charging stations at Arnhems Buiten

 The number of e-charging stations for employees and visitors of Arnhems Buiten will be significantly expanded next month. The new charging points will be installed in the coming weeks at DEKRA and DNV KEMA offices and at the Energy Club. Installing the e-charging stations is a logical step for the Energy Business Park.

Not only employees, but also an increasing number of customers and other external relations who visit the park, drive in hybrid and full electric cars. And this number will continue to grow in coming years.

Jul 17, 2012

Ugli Campus London fully leased


The Ugli Campus is a collaboration between the BBC, TCN UK and JP Creative. The 60,000 sq ft (6,000 sq m) campus is built on the premise that businesses in the current economic climate would thrive as a community, this innovative creative campus is now home to more than 55 companies.

Providing cheap office space to young start ups within the creative industries, the initiative allows young businesses to reduce their overheads and inject more capital into their company growth.

Jul 12, 2012

TCN starts development Energy Club at Business Park Arnhems Buiten


In June, TCN started the development of an Energy Club at Arnhems Buiten. The Energy Club, which is expected to open late September, is an open office space where mostly small and medium sized organizations in the energy sector will work and meet. The Energy Club will start with 65 work places, with the ambition to grow towards 200 workplaces within two years.

Jul 4, 2012

Atoomclub Utrecht welcomes three new members

The Atoomclub has three new members . Starting 1 July 2012 Platform Duurzame Luchtvaart (Platform Sustainable Aviation), Cledacor property management and Ruimplan architects will lease a total of eight workplaces (200 sqm). This means over twenty organizations are now based in Atoomclub Utrecht.

Jul 3, 2012

Partners sign agreement to reduce office vacancy

On 27 June, partners of an action program to reduce office vacancy in The Netherlands signed an agreement. TCN is one of the parties who have been fighting against office vacancy and was therefore part of the committee that drafted the agreement.

Jun 12, 2012

Municipality of Weesp, Van Wijnen and TCN sign letter of intent

PROVADA 2012 succes voor de gemeente Weesp

Last Thursday, at PROVADA, the largest real estate event in The Netherlands, the parties signed an agreement with the aim to study the feasibility for short-term (re)development of an area called ‘t Domijn in Weesp.

The letter of intent is the result of a collaboration between the three parties in the past two years. In close cooperation with IVW (a business association), iLocator (regional development company), Nieuw Nederland Architects and Cultural Association ‘t Domijn, a business case for the area was developed.

Jun 8, 2012

TCN UK go ahead for Rotherham regeneration

This week TCN UK received full planning permission for the development of a new retail superstore in Rotherham, Yorkshire. A development agreement with Rotherham Borough Council was signed by TCN UK in 2011 for the regeneration of Rotherham Town Centre, following which a new lease was agreed with Tesco Superstore as an anchor to the plans, subject to satisfactory planning being granted.

May 30, 2012

Highest point Mariëndaal Centre of Excellence Arnhem

On May 31 2012, construction of the Mariëndaal Centre of Excellence in business park Arnhems Buiten will reach its highest point. The innovative and contemporary new headquarters of TenneT are developed by BGB (a collaboration between BAM Building, Giesbers Area Development and TCN) and built by BAM and Giesbers v.o.f. The building, designed by architects from GroupA from Rotterdam was sold to PingProperties.

May 16, 2012

TCN delivers new community college building ROC of Amsterdam (35,000 sqm)

Early May TCN delivered a community college building called Flowamsterdam in a prime location opposite the RAI exhibition center to the ROC of Amsterdam and GREEN Real Estate investor. This newly constructed building will accommodate sixteen college programs from the ROC of Amsterdam and various companies and institutions on the ground and first floor of the building.

May 16, 2012

New Atoomclub member in Rotterdam

Since 1 May, Atoomclub Rotterdam has a new club member. NewMediaBrains chose ‘de Spaanse Kubus’ (the Spanish Cube) because the organization has worked with many companies in the area, including the Rotterdam Internet Valley (ICT professionals).

Mar 8, 2012

TCN and Volker Wessels to develop Decathlon megastore at Retail Park ‘Plein Westermaat’

Decathlon has chosen Retail Park Plein Westermaat as the venue for a megastore of 5,700 sqm of sports and outdoor gear. The megastore is part of the third phase of the development of the Retail Park, which recently announced the construction started. This third phase also includes stores like Home Dock, Kwantum, Leen Bakker and Decokay.

Mar 6, 2012

Technicolor renews lease

TCN Media Park extended the lease agreement with Technicolor Netherlands at the Media Park in Hilversum by ten years. The agreement concerns the lease of approximately 3,150 sqm of office and approximately 2,350 sqm data center space and 68 parking spaces. Media Park Hilversum is thé place for interaction between media makers, producers and consumers. The park accommodates over 170 media companies and receives over 500,000 visitors annually.

Feb 23, 2012

Plusine ICT chooses TCN Hotels Hotels

As a result of years of positive experience with TCN Data Hotels Plusine ICT has decided to move its datacenter to Data Hotel Groningen. Plusine ICT and TCN Data Hotels have signed a five year agreement for a total consumption of 120 KW.

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