November 19, 2012

TCN Assets BV in suspension of payment

Earlier today, the Civil Court of Utrecht granted TCN Assets BV a suspension of payment. A number of entities that provided a negative result for the company were declared bankrupt. LLM J. Westerhof of Holland Van Gijzen Lawyers and Notaries and LLM A. van der Schee of Van Benthem & Keulen Lawyers & Notaries were appointed administrator. They were already appointed administrator to TCN UROP SE last month, after suspension of payment was granted to TCN UROP SE.

Background information
The reason for the request for suspension of payment for TCN Assets BV was the fact that DNV KEMA filed for bankruptcy. Their case was supposed to serve tomorrow.

TCN has been active in the European real estate market since 1994 and holds an asset portfolio with a value of € 410 million. TCN has projects in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Austria.

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