July 24, 2012

Green Spread InEnergie B.V. to lease ten desks in Energy Club Arnhem

Starting mid-September Green Spread InEnergie B.V. will lease ten desks (180 sqm) and ten parking privileges in the Energy Club at Arnhems Buiten.
Green Spread is an independent consultancy firm that gives organizations advise on how to reduce energy consumption and on development and exploitation of renewable energy. The organization provides financial and organizational expertise to governments, businesses and individuals.

Green Spread is a young, energetic and ambitious organization that matches the Energy Club profile. The Energy Club is looking for smaller, innovative players in the energy sector and wants to facilitate and stimulate cooperation and knowledge sharing between parties in the Energy Club and other parties at Arnhems Buiten. The cooperation between the organizations in the Energy Club and established parties such as DNV KEMA, DEKRA, TenneT and NRG will ensure new initiatives and innovation in the sector.

Energy Club, Arnhems Buiten
The Energy Club is an open workplace where mostly small and medium sized organizations in the energy sector meet and work. The Energy Club will start with 65 desks in September 2012, but has the ambition to grow to 200 desks within two years. The Energy Club is located in building H01/H02 at Arnhems Buiten.

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