Over the years we’ve redeveloped over 1 million sqm real estate in Europe and transformed many existing buildings and areas.

Have a look at our current projects to see what (re)developments we’re currently working on. Projects can be selected by country, function or project name.

Project name

Aachen Arkaden / Germany

Aachen Arkaden

Retail park with 27,000 sqm retail, restaurants and business space.

Retail Park Almere Poort / The Netherlands

Retail Park Almere Poort

Retail Park Almere Poort will become an inspiring place for people to shop and recreate. This 38,000 sqm retail park will combine retail (33,000 sqm) restaurants and leisure (5,000 sqm).

Arnhems Buiten / The Netherlands

Arnhems Buiten

For years now Arnhems Buiten has been housing a number of important and most innovative companies in the field of energy and environmental technology.

Atoomclub Rotterdam / The Netherlands

Atoomclub Rotterdam

The Atoomclub is one of TCN’s latest concepts. It meets the growing demand for an inspiring working environment at flexible conditions. The Atoomclub is a club for small and growing companies.

Atoomclub Utrecht / The Netherlands

Atoomclub Utrecht

The Atoomclub is one of TCN’s latest concepts. It meets the growing demand for an inspiring working environment at flexible conditions. The Atoomclub is a club for small and growing companies.

Brandboxx Almere / The Netherlands

Brandboxx Almere

Brandboxx Almere provides a national forum for professionals in the Dutch fashion industry. The center accommodates over 75 manufacturers, with approximately 200 brands, in the mid- and high-fashion segments.

Brandboxx Hannover / Germany

Brandboxx Hannover

Brandboxx Hannover is a trade mart for the fashion, sports and cosmetic branch in Northern Germany. It offers cash & carry and pre-order in several segments.

Brandboxx Salzburg / Austria

Brandboxx Salzburg

Brandboxx Salzburg is the leading business-to-business center in Austria.

Brandboxx Leusden / The Netherlands

Brandboxx Leusden

For more than fifteen years Brandboxx Leusden has been the purchase and information center for the sports industry.

Cartesius / The Netherlands


Oldest industrial area of Utrecht, located three km west of the old center of Utrecht. In the area, two lots (total 5,500 sqm) for newly built industrial premises are available

Centraal Beheer Apeldoorn / The Netherlands

Centraal Beheer Apeldoorn

TCN is redeveloping the former headquarters of Centraal Beheer Achmea in Apeldoorn. One of the first functions this 40,000 sqm building will get is an Atoomclub, a flexible office environment for small and growing businesses.

EnCeHa / The Netherlands


TCN is investigating the development of studio apartments and homes for students and young people at this 25,000 sqm former factory location.

Express Park / United Kingdom

Express Park

Express Park comprises 100,000 sq ft of offices in a high quality business park environment, located 10 miles north of Taunton at junction 23 of the M5.

Data Hotel Eemshaven / The Netherlands

Data Hotel Eemshaven

TCN Data Hotels with its 99.9999% availability rate since 2001 is a proven player in the datacenter market.

Data Hotel Groningen / The Netherlands

Data Hotel Groningen

TCN Data Hotels with its 99.9999% availability rate since 2001 is a proven player in the datacenter market.

TCN Data Hotel Hilversum / The Netherlands

TCN Data Hotel Hilversum

TCN Data Hotels with its 99.9999% availability rate since 2001 is a proven player in the datacenter market.

Shopping center Mooierstraat (Drakennest) / The Netherlands

Shopping center Mooierstraat (Drakennest)

Shopping center Mooierstraat (also known as Drakennest) is a small shopping center in the center of Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

Eemsmond Building / The Netherlands

Eemsmond Building

Office building with stunning views over the city and Delfzijl harbor. Originally from 1969, the building was completely renovated in 2008.

Home Boxx / The Netherlands

Home Boxx

Home Boxx Exhibition Center is one of the largest exhibition and event centers in The Netherlands. Centrally located, easily accessible and with ample free parking space, the Home Boxx is one of the best event venues in the country.

Home Trade Center / The Netherlands

Home Trade Center

TCN’s first transformation project of a 35,000 sqm vacant building into a trade mart for the furniture industry. Home Trade Center became and is still the leading platform for the home and furniture sector.

Kabelfabriek Delft / The Netherlands

Kabelfabriek Delft

In Schieoevers, the biggest industrial area of Delft, TCN is working on the (re)development of a new mixed use area where small industry, offices, residential and leisure will seamlessly blend together. The ‘Kabelfabriek’ (formerly Cable Factory), a breeding ground for technical and creative pioneers, is and will remain the heart of this so-called Kabeldistrict (Cable District).

Media Park / The Netherlands

Media Park

Media Park hilversum is a themed business park that offers a wealth of synergy due to the clustering of media-related companies.

O-Four / The Netherlands


O-four is the new name of a business park in Groningen, formerly known as Eurocentrum. It’s a sustainable redevelopment of four existing offices. The concept, Office 4 Office, is a concentration of offices with supporting services.

Piano House / United Kingdom

Piano House

With its distinctive character, spacious inspiring setting and relaxed work environment, Piano House is ideal for companies large or small.

Reitdiep Marina, phase IV / The Netherlands

Reitdiep Marina, phase IV

Reitdiep Marina (Reitdiephaven) is a mixed use thematic development with newly built, pier homes and supporting commercial space in a harbor on the North side of the city of Groningen.

Retail Park Les Mates / Spain

Retail Park Les Mates

10,000 sqm leisure center transformed into a retail park. Les Mates is located in El Vendrell, 70 km south of Barcelona.

Retail Park Plein Westermaat / The Netherlands

Retail Park Plein Westermaat

Retail Park Plein Westermaat is a 68,000 sqm Retail Park in the Eastern part of The Netherlands. Phase 1 and 2 have already been realized, phase 3 (25,000 sqm) is scheduled for 2012/2013.

ROC Amsterdam, plot E / The Netherlands

ROC Amsterdam, plot E

Second community college for ROC of Amsterdam with 7,000 sqm gross floor area educational facilities and 1,850 sqm gross floor area commercial space.

Rotherham Town Centre / United Kingdom

Rotherham Town Centre

TCN are preferred developers in partnership with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council for the regeneration of Rotherham Town Centre.

Rotherham Waterfront / United Kingdom

Rotherham Waterfront

Waterfront Rotherham is a 285 acre mixed use development, located 6 minutes from junction 36 of the M1 motorway.

Spaanse Kubus / The Netherlands

Spaanse Kubus

The Spaanse Kubus (Spanish Cube) is a multi-use building of 50,000 sqm in an industrial area called ‘de Spaanse Polder’ in Rotterdam. The building is used by several datacenters but also as office and storage room. Since February 2012, it also includes an Atoomclub (flexible office space for small and medium sized companies). The building is owned and managed by TCN.

Ugli Campus / The Netherlands

Ugli Campus

The Ugli Campus is a collaboration between the BBC, TCN UK and JP Creative. The 60,000 sq ft (6,000 sq m) campus is built on the premise that businesses in the current economic climate would thrive as a community. This innovative creative campus is now home to more than 55 companies.

World Forum / The Netherlands

World Forum

The combination of a multifunctional auditorium/theater and various break-out areas make the World Forum the perfect venue for every type of event.

Zep Middelburg / The Netherlands

Zep Middelburg

Zep is located in Middelburg (capital of Zeeland in The Netherlands). The park includes a total of 19,400 sqm leisure, including a Music Hall, the Dutch National Football Museum and Miniature Zeeland, retail, including BCC and Toys XL and restaurants like La Place.